consumers and patients


Our global panel of consumers is among the largest in the country. We have over 16 million panelists in over 85 countries, with about 100,000 joining every month. Our verified panelists can be targeted by over 100 demographic, psychographic, and purchase behavior data points:

  • Key demographics, e.g., gender, age, race/ethnicity, geography
  • Product/brand purchasers/owners, e.g., purchasers of specific brands of automobiles, major appliances, mobile phones and other consumer tech, clothes, foods/beverages, pet ownership
  • Lifecycle, e.g., students, newlyweds, parents with babies/children at home, retirees
  • Lifestyle, e.g., frequent travelers, dieters, heavy consumers of media entertainment

We can also accommodate segmentation typing tools and/or develop proprietary panels for especially hard-to-reach audiences.

Our consumer panel is distinguished, in part, by the fact that we own and manage 90% of its members. This means that these panelists are fully profiled and can be re-contacted. Other aspects of our panel that ensure quick and reliable research participants include:

  • Stringent verification protocols, e.g., digital fingerprinting, source verification, two-factor/third-party authentication, geo-IP control, time stamps, in-survey quality controls, reward verification
  • Tiered incentives so research participants are rewarded in proportion to their time/effort and in accordance with local customs
  • Regular panel cleanup/culling

These and other measures ensure our panelists are qualified, engaged and satisfied. And that you get the most reliable insights in the industry.