data processing


ROIRocket employs industry best practices in the management of data from the point of acquisition through analysis and reporting. The foundation of our rigorous data processing system is a set of quality control protocol that explores logical consistency across each respondent’s answers and calibrates these results with relevant external data sources to ensure accuracy and precision.

ROIRocket standard data processing services include:

  • Data cleaning (e.g., gaming analyses, value calibration, logic consistency)
  • Marginal checks/quality assurance
  • Verbatim coding
  • Data weighting
  • Single variable or multiple (RIM weighting)

Deliverables options include:

  • Raw Data Files: ASCII, delimited Excel, labeled/unlabeled SPSS, automated data sends
  • “Stacked” data files
  • Crosstabs: All variable cross-tabulated by client-defined groups
  • Descriptive statistics: Frequencies, percentages, means, standard deviation, statistical testing between groups

The ROIRocket data processing team understands “tight” project timelines and provides 24 by 7 support to make sure your pressing deadlines objectives will be met. Our quality control protocol is designed to work with “quick turn” research and give you confidence that your project will be thoughtfully managed from beginning to end.