list management


ROIRocket has its own world-class email platform with first rate inbox deliverability. The availability of this platform means clients can take advantage of many list management options not found anywhere else.

For clients that have customer lists and wish to perform blind research, ROIRocket can send survey invitations to their customers without the customers knowing the identity of the client. For those clients who would like branded services, our email platform can be fully branded including custom domains for mailing, content hosting and tracking.

Both solutions include:

  • Importing lists in a variety of formats
  • Adding to and updating lists through a number of methods including manual file uploads, API calls, FTP file transfers and web forms
  • Supporting an unlimited number of custom list record attributes useful for email personalization and targeting

A mailing solution is not useful if emails do not make it into the customer’s inbox. Therefore, our client solutions utilize “best mailing practices” to maximize inbox deliverability including:

  • List cleansing services to insure minimal hard bounces
  • The use of DKIM, DMARC and SPF for authentication purposes
  • Spam checking utility to optimize campaign creative
  • Mail throttling
  • Unsubscribe and suppression management
  • Deliverability reports to detect problems and help identify areas of improvement
  • Inbox deliverability expert consultation

The mailing platform also features:

  • Split testing capabilities to optimize subject lines, creatives and “From” names and “From” email addresses to optimize the desired recipient action
  • Link tracking and reporting to understand which emails and links are generating the most activity to maximize campaign effectiveness
  • Automated workflow capabilities to automate sending emails to those who take action, those who begin to take action but do not finish and those who take no action at all