survey design


ROIRocket maintains a staff of seasoned methodological experts with twenty plus years’ experience designing survey instruments and corresponding sampling and research methodologies. The group is managed by Dr. Michael Malone, a research psychologist with extensive experience conducting both consumer and commercial research engagements across the world.

Our experience ensures that the research commissioned by our clients produces actionable insights providing clear guidance. Accomplishing this goal requires a deep understanding of both data analysis and market science. This industry expertise, coupled with a repertoire of state of the art research methodological tool kit, allows us to maintain the highest level of research rigor while still accommodating the most demanding timelines.


  • Our methodology experts are well versed in Meta analyses and understand the importance of aligning each engagement with previous work done by your company.
  • We are strong advocates of convergent validity and ensure that every finding produced by our research is calibrated with relevant secondary sources (e.g., historical market patterns and experience).
  • The depth of our market science team provides a useful resource for clients who would like expert validation of their proposed design.


The quality of survey results, irrespective of how well the questionnaire is designed, is a direct function of respondent engagement during the research process.  Panelists who are not “engaged” rush through a questionnaire with the intent of spending as little time participating in the survey as possible.  Survey results from these individuals are typically inconsistent, superficial and in all too many cases, unrepresentative of what the respondent really thinks.

We address this challenge through various methods including:

  • Careful vetting of prospective panelists to make sure they are indeed who they represent themselves to be.  This vetting process establishes the rigor of our work and sends a clear message to prospective panelists that the highest levels of quality control will be used throughout their time on our panel.
  • Inviting our panelists to share thoughts and opinions above that asked by our surveys.  The respect we show our panelists is reflected in our continuous effort to make our surveys more engaging and enjoyable.  We emphasize the value panelist bring our clients; providing guidance to support the development and marketing of the products and services that the panelist is likely to encounter during their next shopping event.

Our repertoire of advanced survey techniques allows us to customize each survey to the specific interests and preferences of the target audience.  Whether the survey be conducted via mobile phone or computer, panelist convenience is a paramount design objective.  Other survey design modules offered by ROCI Rocket include:

  • Mobile optimized question types
  • Gamification
  • Shelf tests
  • Heat maps
  • Drag / drops
  • Flip books